Safari Satchel

Immerse yourself in the wild with our Safari-inspired satchel. The lush green embodies the iconic savanna plains that grace the Maasai Mara, while the rich brown leather bottom mirrors the untamed earth beneath.

The satchel is crafted by skilled local artisans, combining luxury with nature seamlessly. Whether you’re embarking on a thrilling game drive or on a casual hike, our Maasai Mara-inspired satchel effortlessly adapts to your style, ensuring you’re always ready for adventure.
Crafted with exceptional durability and timeless style, this satchel is not just an accessory; it’s a journey. 

Carry the spirit of the Maasai Mara wherever you roam. Enjoy your expedition through the lens of luxury with our Safari Satchel. Embrace the untamed, and let your journey begin.


  • Kenyan milled canvas – UV & water resistant.
  • Efficient organisation – 1 inner pocket, 3 outer pockets.
  • Durable full grain leather base.
  • Stylish leather highlights.
  • Padded dedicated laptop compartment.
  • Generous 18 litre capacity.
  • Soft cotton lining.
  • Enhanced comfort with back padding.
  • High quality YKK zips.
  • Complimentary repairs.
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