Indulge in the epitome of travel sophistication with our exquisite companion: The Sekisora Getaway Bag.

Our expertly designed bag is crafted for those who yearn for luxurious getaways without compromise. Picture yourself gliding through the airport, effortlessly saving precious moments thanks to its ingeniously designed dimensions that easily meet airline hand luggage requirements. 

Revel in the art of packing light while still carrying the world at your fingertips. Be it an impromptu escape or a well-planned rendezvous, this bag embodies elegance, convenience, and opulence, elevating your travel to an unforgettable experience.

Say goodbye to baggage hassles and hello to worry-free journeys with this stylish, reliable travel companion by your side.


  • Kenyan milled canvas – UV & water resistant.
  • Meets airline hand luggage requirements.
  • Kenyan tanned leather.
  • High quality YKK zips.
  • High quality accessories.
  • Waterproof board.
  • 1 inner pocket.
  • Generous 35 litre capacity.
  • Complimentary Repairs.
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