Step into a world where timeless tradition meets modern luxury.


Crafted with meticulous care, ‘The Nomad’ bag represents the essence of the Maasai pastoralist’s journey. Each stitch and every detail tells a story of resilience, bravery and cultural heritage. Just like the Maasai nomads, this bag is an embodiment of strength, beauty, and purpose. What sets ‘The Nomad’ apart is its innovative adjustable volume allowing you to customize it to your needs. Whether you carry it lightly or expand it to accommodate more, this bag adapts just as the Maasai nomads adjust to their ever-changing surroundings.


Elevate your style with a bag that whispers the timeless tales of wanderers, warriors, and healers.


Experience the essence of the journey. Choose the Nomad.


  • Kenyan milled canvas – UV and water resistant.
  • Kenyan tanned leather.
  • High quality YKK zips.
  • Waterproof board.
  • 1 inner pocket.
  • Leather shoulder strap.
  • Generous 40 litre capacity.
  • Maasai Shuka highlights.
  • Complimentary repairs.
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